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How online+offline promotion can go wrong

We’ve been advertising offline for hundreds of years. We’ve been marketing online long enough to learn a thing or two. One of the things we’ve learned is how powerful the two can be when they’re blended, like a fine scotch. But when it goes bad, it tastes awful.

Like PepsiCo’s (PEP, info) latest effort.¬†Recently, I was drinking some soda out of a large cup from a fast food place. I noticed a “Peel-Here-to-Win” sticker on the side of the cup. I peeled the sticker to see what I may have won, and found the words (words?) “M4PER AYZVF” on the other side. Puzzled, I looked at the front of the cup again. It said, “For details, go to” I thought, “Cool.” Here’s what happened:

1. My browser took me to a page that offered a free Internet answering …