Top 5 reasons to use WordPress for your Startup Website

There are many different website options out there depending on your needs and abilities.  WordPress, originally developed as an open source blogging platform has become a very popular platform for building websites and for several reasons.

Recent figures estimate around 20% of all websites are using the WordPress platform and the numbers are increasing.  In later posts, we will compare different platforms for building a website, but for now, we’ll give you the top 5 reasons why we typically recommend using a WordPress website for startup entrepreneurs.

1.  It simple enough for non-techies …

The WordPress interface, while it does not possess the drag and drop ease of Wix and other site builders, does not require you to have a lot of HTML or CSS knowledge.  With a few hours of helpful training, you can be off and running, writing blog posts and editing your pages.  Most non-techies may find themselves intimidated at first, but the easy to use dashboard is not any harder than using Microsoft excel or powerpoint.

2. … yet complex enough for developers

The advantage WordPress has over the other drag and drop build-it-yourself websites is that is also can be fully customizable. Any element of any theme can be adjusted, functionality added, and most web developers are familiar with the platform and can offer you advanced customized solutions within the WordPress platform. Perfect for small business entrepreneurs.

3. Plugins, Plugins, Plugins

The good thing about WordPress being an open source platform is that anyone can develop applications that incorporate into the WordPress platform.  This means you can add things like memberships, e-commerce stores, forums, customs buttons and sliders, often for free or a small fee.  And the options are continually increasing as new plugins are developed every day.  In later posts, we will discuss our favorite plugins.

4. Theme selection

Like plugins, there are many many well designed, professional looking themes that are developed by 3rd parties and can be purchased for $30-$100.  Some of the most popular include DIY themes, Woo themes, Themeforest, and StudioPress.  You can search hundreds of themes to find one that suits your needs and style, without having to higher a designer to build your theme from scratch.  Most themes have additional color options and places available to add your own customized logo if you choose to.

5. SEO (Search Engine Optimization) friendly

If you are writing a blog or building a website, chances are you care about traffic from search engines like Google, which means you care about SEO.  While there is a lot to say on this topic, the good news is that WordPress is built with many of the options necessary for maximizing your SEO.  The coding behind WordPress is optimized for search engines and you can take advantage of using headers, tags, and categories without needing to know too much about how SEO works.  In addition, plugin tools like JetPack help you maximize your SEO potential even further by ensuring your heading, title, text, and descriptions all include your chosen keywords.

In conclusion

WordPress is not the only way to build a website, but it is common, which means there is a lot of information about it, a lot of 3rd party products, and it has some key features and low-cost options that make it a good option for most startups.  If you are looking for a website and a blog to bring traffic and sell a product, WordPress is a good fit.  And even if you are looking to build more complex applications within your website, WordPress may still be a great option for you too!


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